How it Works

Brooklyn Junk Car Buyer makes it effortless and quick to get cash ($$$) for your cars – or any vehicles you want to have removed – whether the vehicle is running or not! In literally a few minutes, you can have a great cash offer for your unwanted junk car, truck, or other vehicle.

How to Get Cash for Vehicle

Step 1: Call for An Offer

You tell us about your vehicle, and we’ll give you an instant offer on the spot. We need details like the make, model, and year. No titles are required for vehicles over 8 years old.

We buy all junk cars, trucks, vans, etc. CALL US NOW at 718-290-9675 or FILL OUT the form by clicking here

and answer all the questions – we will get right back to you with a quote!

REMEMBER – We OFFER the BEST PRICING because there is no middleman. We are the recycling company, so we are the end buyer of junk cars. Since we are not paying anyone a fee or commission, we can afford to pay you TOP DOLLAR instantly.

We are the largest buyer of junk cars in Brooklyn and Long Island and have been doing this for over 50 years!

So, if you agree to the quote, we will set up a pick-up!


Step 2: We Come to you to Pick Up Your Car

We will dispatch a tow truck to remove your car or other vehicle and pay you in CASH – ON THE SPOT! In almost all cases, we offer same-day or next-day service. And unlike other companies in the junk removal industry, we never charge any hidden towing or storage fees. Our junk car and vehicle removals are 100% FREE!”

Step 3: You Get Cash for Your Car!

Our tow driver delivers your cash and removes the vehicle right away. In most cases, we can give you cash for your vehicle within just hours, making our service one of the fastest and easiest ways to sell your car.



Could not be any easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you match a better price for my junked vehicle?

Brooklyn Junk Car Buyer is the largest metal recycling company in the area. You are not dealing with any middlemen, and therefore, we can afford to offer you TOP DOLLAR for your vehicle. If by any chance you do get a better offer, we will do our best to beat any valid offer to buy your vehicle.

What if my vehicle was in an accident and totaled?

Brooklyn Junk Car Buyer will give you CASH for your vehicle IN ANY CONDITION – even if it is totaled. We will even buy vehicles that are missing parts!

Just click on the “Quote” button or call today at 718-290-9675 to find out what your what we will pay for you vehicle.

What if my vehicle cannot be driven or won’t even start?

Again, Brooklyn Junk Car Buyer buys ALL cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles weather they run or not and in ANY CONDITION. Ours drivers will come, pay you CASH and haul your vehicle away – quick & easy!

Do I need my registration and/or title?

In New York – NO TITLES ARE NEEDED for any vehicle make or model over 8 years old.

So - How do I sell my junk vehicle?

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is call us at 718-290-9675 or click on the “Quote” button on the website in and submit a form – we will call you back ASAP with the best possible price for your junk vehicle.

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Brooklyn Junk Car Buyer makes it effortless and quick to get $$$ (cash) for your cars