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Gershow Recycling was founded in 1964 is one of Long Island’s oldest and most successful metal recycling companies. Gershow recognized early on that Long Island had a growing solid waste problem and they could do something about it. As a result, they went to the region’s landfills to literally mine thousands of tons of cars that had been entombed there because they felt they could be recycled.

ABOUT Brooklyn Junk Car Buyer by Gershow

Today, Gershow Recycling operates the most modern, technically advanced metal processing recycling facilities in the United States. Their modern equipment and their ability to meet new recycling industry needs, reflects the commitment they have made toward providing the finest service possible to their customers.

We operate facilities throughout Brooklyn and Long Island and employ over 750 Long Islanders at our nine locations in Suffolk County, Nassau County and Brooklyn.

Every year, Gershow recycles enough cars to stretch end to end from Medford, New York to North Carolina, or you can fill all eight lanes of the Long Island Expressway from the Midtown Tunnel to Riverhead, NY. Gershow pays top prices for your junked or salvage vehicles as well as all kinds of scrap metal and produces ferrous, non-ferrous materials.


– therefore WE PAY TOP DOLLAR for your vehicles! Call Us Today for an instant quote and for FAST FAST CASH!!

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Gershow Recycling Corp
1888 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212

Tel: 718-290-9675

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Junk Car Buyer
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Brooklyn Junk Car Buyer By Gershow,
1888 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn,NY-11212,
Telephone No. (718) 290-9675
Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island
We Are The Direct Source. Therefore, We Pay Top Dollar For Your Vehicle.